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Antique Furniture Can Be Right for Any Setting

Setting up a new house and wondering what furniture would be the best to choose – new or vintage? There is no doubt that you are looking to get the best bang no matter what budget you have. The good news is that vintage and antique furniture is easier to get than ever, meaning that, nowadays, there is a better chance of buying quality furniture for less money. So, if you opt for vintage pieces, here are some additional reasons to support your decision.  

You can easily go eco friendly by reducing food waste and other short living recyclable goods. But, what about choosing more sustainable options such as antique furniture? Furniture manufacturing and its transportation produce so much pollution that the Environmental Protection Authority considers it as municipal solid waste which has great impacts on the environment. By buying vintage furniture, you can mitigate waste generation in Australia. Moreover, if you buy it in a charity shop, you will give your money to a good cause. Vintage furniture is ethical and so you should.

antique furniture can be right for any setting

Also, vintage and antique furniture pieces were made combining old construction techniques and quality materials such as solid wood by knowledgeable craftsmen who either worked alone or in small ateliers where they created limited lines with a quality finish and unique details. This means that these pieces are quite strong, so you do not need to worry that they will fall apart during the move, for instance. Besides being very well made, these pieces are very often either unique as one of a kind or rare when it comes to the same kind pieces. 

Due to the fact that they were made from solid materials, these pieces are also easily restorable. If you drop something heavy on them or scratch them, you can either rub it down or use specialised products to cover damaged parts and bring them to another stage of life. You agree that this is next to impossible when it comes to mass produced flat pack furniture pieces. 

Additionally, when you buy modern furniture and you decide to sell it at some point, you will not get your money back as these pieces will not increase in price. However, antique furniture, especially pieces well preserved and looked after, will either keep their value or go up in price, meaning that your vintage furniture can be a very good investment.

Buying antique furniture is not only a short trip to a furniture shop, but rather a treasure hunt. It is true that requires a lot of effort, but that can also give you a sense of adventure and great pleasure.


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