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Collecting Coins for Beginners

There are many people who share their passion for collecting rare, remarkable coins. It is one of the oldest hobbies ever known, dating back even to ancient Greece where people were giving away unusual coins as gifts for special occasions. Today, many of us across the world collect them for different purposes. If collecting coins may be of interest to you, continue reading to find out more about this exciting journey, also known as numismatics.
collecting coins
People rarely collect coins just for fun. It is not only about scouting out a specific one and popping it in a box. Coins can be collected for educational purpose as they tell us a lot about different periods in history and significant people of the time, so we can learn a lot about stories associated with the particular ones.
Also, many people choose to collect them for investment purposes. In order to diversify their investment portfolio, they gather coins together with gold and silver. And this is not the case only with old, rare coins, but also some new ones, such as, for instance, the new 12-sided British pound coin which is worth as much as 420 AUD. So, if you start gathering coins as an investment, make sure you do your research thoroughly to find out which coins are likely to rise in value. 
No matter what your reason for collecting is, if you are a beginner in this hobby, start with smaller coins which are easy to assemble. Take your time to find out more about different coins, their origin, how they are priced and graded. If you find it difficult to decide which ones to choose, do not forget it is your hobby, so decide on those that you like no matter if it is a design or the history behind them that fascinate you. 
Apart from educating yourself about the coins that you want to collect, once you start your own collection, you need to know how to store and handle them. Although they are made of metal, their surface is quite fine and can be easily damaged. Also, different metal behave differently when exposed to the atmosphere, so educate yourself about different coin storages available. When holding the coins, always wear gloves or handle them by their edges. And, never ever clean them as, in such a case, they can be considered damaged and that  can greatly reduce their value. 
To benefit from your hobby, set specific goals when it comes to the coins you want to collect and start searching. If you are really passionate about it, you will get no greater thrill and satisfaction once you complete your set after long hunting. 

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