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How to Buy a Vintage Wall Clock or Watch?

You must agree that there is a certain charm when it comes to vintage wall clocks and watches, no matter if we are talking about cheaper or more expensive ones. And, actually, antique wall clocks and watches, together with other vintage and classic pieces have increased in popularity recently. People buy them for sentimental, aesthetic or investment reasons. If you are one of them, before making a purchase, it would be useful to educate yourself first, so have a look at our short guidelines below.

How to Buy a Vintage Wall Clock or Watch?

Do not buy any old piece impulsively that you find in the shop window just because you like it. This could be a great mistake that even sellers may not be aware of. You may risk a lot of money on an antique watch without knowing that there are similar looking pieces at much lower price. This is why it is very important to do your research. One of the ways is to go online and find a model and brand that you like and then look up at the vintage watch websites where you can find useful information on its market price and other useful features, such as bracelets, hands, printing on the dial, date disks, etc. These can help you make a difference between similar pieces. 

You can also do your research offline as there are many books available on collecting wall clocks and watches. The most important thing is to find out as much as possible about their market prices and conditions of particular models, you are interested in. In the case of more expensive brands, such as Rolex, for instance, you may risk to spend AUD 5,000 – 10,000 more. So, train yourself to make a smart purchase.

Many watch collectors share their passion using online forums. Here, you can find many questions already answered, but you can also ask more specific questions. Apart from providing helpful information, many members actually sell watches from their own collections at far more tempting prices than watch dealers. However, private sellers hardly ever offer a warranty, so, in most cases, you can never be completely sure of what you are buying. 

This is why, we highly recommend, that you buy a vintage wall clock or watch from someone with a good reputation. Selling antique watches is a delicate process where word of mouth is a powerful tool and any negative comments can destroy entire businesses. Experts with the good reputation have already put their effort, knowledge and time into their business and this is something they will not risk easily, so trust them. In addition, you can try and negotiate the price, however, be careful with it, as this may affect the seller’s eagerness to help you after the purchase in case something goes wrong. Do not forget that you are buying an old piece.


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