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How to Start Wine Collection

It is a great pleasure to open a wine bottle that has been kept for years. Not only do wines taste better as they age, but they also take you back to the past, giving you a sense of romance. If you are a great wine lover and you are thinking of starting your own wine collection, there are some essential facts that you should be aware of. 

How to start wine collection

Buying a wine bottle and collecting wine are two completely different things. You will buy a bottle depending on what you like and prefer at that particular moment. However, collecting wine is something you should commit to in the longer run, having vision and direction in mind. It is true that you will still be buying wine that you like, but your choices should be supported by detailed research. The world’s best collectors choose wines which make a great collection, not only the ones that taste great on their own. 

Types of wine you decide to collect should reflect your own taste, not the current trends. If you are not sure what your core preferences are, there are many techniques to discover them. Think of the flavours you like when it comes to food and other drinks. And, the further you explore the wine world, the more your tastes for wine will evolve, helping you to make a clear vision what your wine collection should include.
To create a valuable collection, be prepared to invest your time in thorough research. Find out as much as possible about the regions and people who produce your wine. The more you know about each option, the better your wine cellar will be. Before buying a whole case, always purchase sample bottles. Here are some things to look at when searching for different wines.

As each wine type has its life cycle, it is very important to check cellaring period of that particular wine you are buying. For example, while Chardonnay based wines have a life cycle of about ten years, Madeira or Port vintages can last for at least 100 years. Also, as a life cycle of each vintage can vary, it is recommendable to check your wines from time to time, and not only because of their current state of quality. The whole process of choosing and collecting wine will deepen your knowledge which can lead the change in your taste for wines.

In addition, your wine collection will increase in value, if you have documented how your wine is bought, shipped and stored. In case you decide to sell it, a paper trail of provenance will increase your collection’s credibility, so make sure you have one.

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