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Reasons You Should be Buying Antique Jewellery

It is no surprise that many people are attracted to vintage or antique jewellery. Things that tell a story about past times are much more captivating, adoring and easier catch the eye than those items you can find on the high street. An antique piece will make you stand out from the crowd by emphasising your unique individuality. Here, you will find just some of the reasons why you should expand your jewellery collection by buying some antique pieces or create your own vintage collection.Reasons You Should be Buying Antique Jewellery

When you decide to go for an antique jewellery item, be sure that you are choosing quality over quantity. The phrase, usually associated with vintage pieces, ‘they do not make them the way they used to’, is, unfortunately, mostly true. Nowadays, jewellery is made having in mind manly the size of the stones while older items were created focusing on design, highest quality materials and utilising quality and talent of old craftsmen. Also, buying an old piece of jewellery, such as a ring, pedant or necklace means that you are getting an item that you will never come across again, that is unique, only yours and represents what you are. Their unique design and classic look makes them timeless pieces that can be worn by generations to come.

Also, most vintage pieces are made using special techniques that make them stronger and last longer. Taking into consideration their lifespan, you can rest assure knowing that they survived many years of wear and tear, that they can withstand many pounds of pressure and that they are most likely much more durable than cheaper, more modern pieces. 

Vintage jewellery doesn’t only last long, but also keeps its value over the long term which makes them a pretty safe investment. It is also portable, meaning that you can take your wealth with you anywhere you go. 

Moreover, nowadays, the jewellery industry is faced by some ethical issues considering the sourcing of precious stones and other materials used for jewellery production. When you opt for vintage jewellery, know that you opt for a more ethical option. Also, gemstone mining methods require great amounts of water and energy making it less environmentally friendly. So, try not to be a consumer, buy a vintage piece and become a proud conservator of precious pieces. 

After deciding to buy an old piece with its individual character and style, the most important thing is to choose the right jewellery company. We recommend you to choose from some of the highly reputable dealers who will provide you an AGS or GIA certificate, so you can be completely confident in what you are buying.

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